Beginnings Family Foundations Academy

Who We Are

Beginnings, Inc. has been a leading provider of comprehensive services for young children since 1951.
We serve children from pre-birth to age 5, enabling them to reach their full potential and empowering
their families through early intervention and extensive educational opportunities. We provide a more
promising future for families in our community by becoming a supportive hand for parents seeking to
turn today’s childhood challenges into tomorrow’s life skills.
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What We Do

Beginnings Family Foundations Academy is a FREE six-week course is for expectant parents and parents or caregivers of children between the ages of 0 and 5 living in the Greater Johnstown School District.

• Learn early child development techniques from the only agency in Johnstown with
over 50 years of experience

• Share your parenting joys and challenges with groups of other parents committed
to giving their child the best possible beginning

• Grow a loving, learning bond between you and your child while building a stronger,
more vibrant parenting community

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Contact Information

Address Information
111 Market Street
Johnstown, PA 15901
Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Contact: Paula Eppley-Newman
Contact Title: Executive Director
Phone: 814.539.1919
Fax: 814.539.1308
We are located at the corner of Washington and Market Street in Downtown Johnstown, next to Blaine Boring Candy Shop.
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