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Who We Are

To provide a forum to inspire, motivate and teach young people about their rich cultural and ethnic inheritance through storytelling, handicrafts and skills demonstrations and seminars, period architecture, garments, tools and lifestyles.  We want to provide a powerful and vivid experience that is both entertaining and educational, and engenders in our children and youth interest in the many and varied ethnicities which shaped our nation.

As an historical venue, the Laurel Highlands Historical Village seeks to create an ethnic-centered heritage village reflecting life in earlier times and is accessible to the public. We hope to showcase the contributions, skills and talent of many ethnic groups who shaped the progress of this region.

The Village will be created on a tract of farmland, and will be complete with replicas of buildings, gardens and trails as well as domestic and work-related features common to the Laurel Highlands region pre-industrial revolution. LHHV’s focus will be on areas such as glass blowing, textiles, agronomy, blacksmithing, music, food, arts and crafts, with emphasis on teaching the skill in the context of various era lifestyles.


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What We Do

The Laurel Highlands Historical Village, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2003 to promote appreciation and understanding of the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of the South Western Pennsylvania Highlands region.  This area has served as home to many peoples who, in the 19th century, immigrated from their homelands to join the Native Americans living here for generations.  The settlers worked in coal mines, steel mills, on railroads, as laborers and farmers.  As our nation forged itself into a nation of Liberty, freed African peoples and immigrants from every continent continued to supplement our society.  The result is an ever-changing array of culture unlike any in the world.

It is Laurel Highlands Historical Village’s intent that the our Mission offered to the community will result in building a more diversified, connected and stronger community for future generations.

The Village will be focused on children and youth specifically.  We will reach out to the community to find the resources necessary to enrich young people about their heritage.  We will contact instructors, discussion leaders, educators, artists, musicians and leaders (to name a few) to support us in making the Village a success.  LHHV envisions an Enrichment Day Camp where urban children and youth can come to the country to experience other ways of life.

When the Village is completed, it will include space for artisan and merchant shops, ethnic food booths, facilities housing crafts, artwork seminars and demonstrations.  Not only will youth benefit by visiting Laurel Highlands Historical Village but adults can experience such natural features as an actual working farm with barns, ponds, cropland and domestic animals as well as forest wildlife.

In Addition to our Village, our goal is to provide to needy families in our communities, a help center where they will be given an array of goods and services. The merchandise and services offered, will be provided free of charge, for emergency situations.


The LHHV Forest


The LHHV  Experimental Forest, located 10  miles north of Johnstown, in Middle Taylor township, will offer quiet refuge to all who seek the natural enchantment of a forest experience. Tucked away in the heart of the Hinckston Run Reservoir, the Forest is bordered on its Western ridge boundaries by the Hinckston Reservoir and the Hinckston Reservoir Wildlife Management Area.


 The LHHV Forest Is located on property that surrounds Hinckston Reservoir . The Joseph P. Whipey  Hiking Trail runs the length of the reservoir, with educational stops and overlooks. The trail also has stops for resting and watching area wildlife. Area students utilize the Forest Trail as an outside classroom. We are seeking funding to support wildlife projects, i.e. Eagles, blue Bird nesting etc.


The hiking trail starts at  pavilion and running in the same direction as the road, runs the length of reservoir. The total length of trail is 1 mile. At the ¾ mile marker there is an over look whereby hikers can sit and watch the water foul and birds. Long term is to build a hiking trail that will go around the entire reservoir, a 2 ¾ mile trail. Within the  area will wish to build an amphitheater, one that will use the surrounding lands. The outdoor theater again will be used for a variety of functions, including   seminars, and other educational elements. The amphitheater will be located in the hollow and mid point on the reservoir, on eastern side.  


Another goal we have is to build along the trail mini ethnic outpost like : Indian Village, or a forest outpost where   America settlers would have lived.


                                                                   HONAN AVE BIKE TRAIL


In it’s early stages, we have opened  Honan Ave to Biking and Hiking. Explore the History in this hollow, as it stretches  from Minersville off of the  River Walk trail up to Hinckston Reservoir. The trail is 3 miles long. Here in 2014 we are planning on fixing up Honan Ave.




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172 allbaugh park road
johnstown, PA 15909
Office Hours: We have year round operations, north of Johnstown, PA - Hinckston Dam
Contact: Ron Shawley
Contact Title: executive director
Phone: 814-322-1825

172 Allbaugh Park Road

Johnstown, PA 15909

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