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Who We Are

Lift Johnstown is a dynamic partnership working to implement three plans seeking to "re-invent" Johnstown as a vibrant small city.

Johnstown PA

Lift Johnstown provides a vision for strengthening our region’s vitality, vibrancy and quality-of-life. They are serious, well-considered efforts by people and organizations that care deeply about our community.  We invite and encourage your participation.



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What We Do

City of JohnstownLift Johnstown supports an evolving set of core projects as well as the activites of other local organizations and existing and developing businesses.  We started with three plans that were the catalyst for our creation, then formed a Steering Committee, which selected the 6 priorities summarized below.  Those priorities have evolved over the course of Lift's development.  Lift also supports many complementary community projects.

Lift VolunteersLift Johnstown seeks and recruits volunteers to assist with these priorities and with the goals of the organizations in the region. Our "Volunteer Registry" has connected organizations to volunteers since 2010 and we are excited to partner with the United Way of the Laurel Highlands to expand our volunteer offerings to include agency profiles, interactive communication, and more advanced volunteer tracking through the "Get Connected" website.  

Lift Johnstown six key priorities: 

Business Development

Downtown Development

Neighborhoods, Gardens, Blight, Housing

Parks, Trails and Active/Healthy Lifestyles 


Communications/Information Sharing

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Agency Photos

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Address Information
245 Market Street, Suite 100
Johnstown, PA 15901
Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Contact: Diana Kabo
Contact Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 814-536-5107
Fax: 814-539-5800
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