Steeples Project

Who We Are

The Steeples Project is sponsored by 1901 Church, Inc., a 501(c)(3) based in Jennerstown, PA, that acquired three former Roman Catholic church buildings in 2011. It is the mission of 1901 Church to redevelop these buildings into sustainable community assets that enhance the quality of life for Greater Johnstown residents. The Steeples Project is the name for the development campaign, which seeks to raise money for and plan for the reuse of the three buildings. 
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What We Do

1901 Church currently is operating one open building, The Grand Halle on Broad Street, and planning for the reuse of two others -- the former SS. Casimir and Emerich at 505 Power Street and the former St. Columba at 918 Broad Street. The Grand Halle operates as a public music/special events/rental hall and quickly is becoming one of the popular wedding reception venues in Johnstown.

We currently are working on development strategies for Casimir and Columba and trying to maintain the integrity of the structures while we do so. 

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Contact Information

Address Information
P.O. Box 163
Jennerstown, PA 15547
Office Hours: No set hours. Hours of operation for the Grand Halle vary by month.
Contact: Dave Hurst
Contact Title: Project Manager
Phone: 814-536-7986
Fax: 814-536-7986
The Steeples Project is the name of the redevelopment campaign for three former churches within the Cambria City Cultural District. Currently only one of the three buildings is open: The Grand Halle on Broad Street (fomerly Immaculate Conception church), 306 Broad Street. The Grand Halle serves as a public music/special events/rental hall and already has become a very popular wedding reception venue.
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