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Johnstown Vision 2025

Vision 2025 is a community-based effort that has created a vision around bettering our community through a strategic focus around three core areas: a vibrant local economy, life-sustaining landscapes, and a strong sense of community.

You are encouraged to sign up to be invited to upcoming Vision 2025 meetings to learn about how you can get involved in one of the core areas or just learn more about the effort. To read the Vision 2025 findings, please visit the Lift Johnstown website or see us on Facebook at

Click the "Respond to Need" button to sign up to take part in the efforts Vision 2025.  More information to come on specific projects and needs. 

Questions?  Please contact Diana Kabo at or 814-536-5107. 


Upcoming Meetings:

Vision 2025 Public Visioning Sessions

(All sessions located in Johnstown)


 Strong Sense of Community:

5:30pm; 01/19/2016

JWFI Training Room

84 Iron St.


Vibrant and Open Local Economy:

5:30pm; 01/21/2016

Feeder Canal Building

647 Main St.


Life-Sustaining Landscapes:

5:30pm; 01/26/2015

JAHA Heritage Discovery Center

201 6th Ave


Morning Session:

 10:00am; 01/28/2015

 JAHA Heritage Discovery Center

 201 6th Ave


Need Type: Volunteer
This Need is ongoing